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Unit 33, Food Court
Grand Central
West Midlands
B2 4BF


Unit 33, Food Court
Grand Central
West Midlands
B2 4BF
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The Client

Fast-Casual Dining in Birmingham

@Pizza is a new, independent pizza restaurant based in the bustling food court at Birmingham Grand Central Station. Their aim is to give customers "the best pizza they ever had". Their signature rectangular shaped pizzas are the particular subject of much love and attention locally in the city, having achieved the #1 spot on Trip Advisor, beating over 1,500 other restaurants nearby.

"Many of our customers find us online, so making a great first impression is hugely important. Our 3D virtual tour allows us to do this by highlighting the unique features that make us different."
Rupert Lyle

Founder & CEO, @Pizza

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The Story

First impressions are everything

@Pizza is the number 1 rated restaurant in Birmingham on Tripadvisor. As a company, they understand that first impressions matter. No surprise, then, that the first thing you see when entering the store are a handful of their many 5* reviews, including "Best pizza in Birmingham".

Due to their prime location in Birmingham Grand Central Station, @Pizza gets a substantial amount of custom from passing trade. However, many of their customers also find them online beforehand. We're sure you'll agree that their pizzas look absolutely delicious, but with such a booming restaurant scene in the city, they knew they needed something more than great photos to make people salivate. They knew from ample customer feedback that "you really have to go there to experience it."

Without a way to engage online visitors with the restaurant's unique offering, they knew they were missing out on a powerful opportunity. Having worked with us on other projects, Founder & CEO Rupert Lyle immediately recognised the potential of 3D virtual tours for restaurants and dining to fill this void. Now, potential customers not only get to experience the sleek interior but thanks to the powerful data hotspots, they can also learn about the delicious, specially sourced ingredients and the unique fast-casual dining experience.

The Industry

Virtual Tours for Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Birmingham city centre is booming. But it is also undeniably competitive. Customers searching nearby for pizza restaurants in Birmingham are spoiled for choice with over 100+ locations to choose from. Standing out in such a busy environment requires a special kind of entrepreneurial vision. Thankfully, with a truly unique offering and a brave foray into defining a new category of "fast-casual" dining, @Pizza is no stranger to thinking differently.

As the power of the internet and social media continues to grow, restaurant businesses have to adapt and make the most of powerful new technology and marketing strategies. For @Pizza, an online walkthrough was a no-brainer. It provides unmatched and immersive customer experiences, sure, but the integration with Google Street View also makes it more likely for them to be found in the first place due to better rankings in local search results.

Additionally, with many thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers, @Pizza also found great value in the 360° images we exported from their virtual tour. By sharing these images with their passionate fans, they have been able to leverage one of the most engaging content formats currently available on any platform. By being one of the first few restaurants in Birmingham to adopt cutting-edge technology, they have clearly reinforced their reputation as a forward-thinking brand.

Marketing Assets

High-Resolution Photo Exports

These images were exported directly from the virtual tour.

Widely compatible

360° Social Media Images

This 3D virtual tour for @Pizza came with a series of 360° images, ideal for promoting the space online across social media.

Both these 360° images and those above in the gallery were pulled directly from the 3D tour with no post-production, providing additional useful marketing collateral for promoting the business.

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