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Alpha Works

Alpha Works, Alpha Tower
Suffolk Street Queensway
West Midlands
B1 1TT

Alpha Works

Alpha Works, Alpha Tower
Suffolk Street Queensway
West Midlands
B1 1TT
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The Client

Premium Flexible Office Space in Birmingham

Alpha Works is an independent provider of stunning high-end flexible office space in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.

At Alpha Works, hot-deskers, co-workers and private office tenants can be part of a new kind of work community. With the most premium interiors and the tallest views across the city skyline, it is clear why so many people choose it as their business home.

Prospective tenants at Alpha Works find the stunning work environment and ample facilities very attractive. The virtual tour now takes things one step further by allowing them to explore the space in immersive 3D anywhere, at any time.

"We have an amazing space here so the ability to explore anytime, from anywhere helps us to reach more of the right potential tenants."
Alex Hough

Community Manager, Alpha Works

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The Story

A better way to experience the space

As a leading provider of flexible office space in Birmingham City Centre, and home to many high tech and digital-focused companies, it is important for Alpha Works to stay well ahead of the curve.

In their quest to increase their reach and improve user experience among prospective tenants, they contacted us seeking a 3D virtual tour that would give their online visitors the ability to freely explore their contemporary workspace and conference facilities, from any device, at any time.

Having completed the scan, we worked with Alpha Works to produce an evergreen digital remarketing campaign across Facebook Ads and Google Ads, inviting engaged users who had recently abandoned the website or engaged on social media to explore their space in immersive 3D, as if they were right there in person. Whilst inside, users can look out across the city skyline, explore the various hot-desking and co-working areas, get a feel for the private offices and ensure the various meeting and event spaces are suitable.

The Industry

Virtual Tours for Serviced Offices

The market for office spaces in Birmingham is a competitive environment, so the ability to provide an outstanding early-stage experience to prospective tenants is crucial.

With such a beautiful space, situated in an iconic Birmingham landmark, Alpha Works certainly has a unique and impressive offering for those seeking contemporary offices in Birmingham. But it wasn't until visiting in person that people experienced the true wow factor.

They knew that 3D virtual tours for commercial property were becoming mainstream, and so the answer was clear.

Having commissioned their own online walkthrough, Alpha Works has reported a noticeable increase in on-site bookings from higher qualified prospects.

Marketing Assets

High-Resolution Photo Exports

These images were exported directly from the virtual tour.

Widely compatible

360° Social Media Images

This 3D virtual tour for Alpha Works came with a series of 360° images, ideal for promoting the space online across social media.

Both these 360° images and those above in the gallery were pulled directly from the 3D tour with no post-production, providing additional useful marketing collateral for promoting the business.

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