Open up your car showroom?

virtual tours provide fully immersive virtual walkthroughs.

The open road, gleaming in the sun, the wheel of a luxury car – it’s been a familiar daydream over this long lockdown winter. Just because the showroom doors have to stay shut doesn’t mean there’s a lack of customers. Plenty are desperate to browse the latest models, especially now we’re headed towards the day we can finally get out there again.

Our immersive virtual tours mean your customers don’t have to wait. They can “stroll” around your space, taking in the appealing environment you’ve worked so hard to create. They can look closely at the models they’re interested in, taking in all the features. You can add an extra dimension to the tour by having comprehensive information and specifications available to click through once something’s caught their attention. If, like a lot of customers interested in luxury vehicles, they have a VR headset, that takes the immersive experience up a notch further. Using our innovative virtual tours, your customers can do everything except actually take the cars out for a spin.

Once your floor plan and 3D tour have been prepared, there are no further costs for each potential customer – it’s a one-time investment. To maximise this, you need a service that is:

  • Immersive – You might be familiar with 360 degree tours, which are basically a series of high-quality flat images combined together to give an idea of a multiroom space. A 3D tour is a much more all-encompassing, “walkthrough” experience allowing the user to explore a photorealistic environment.
  • User-friendly – Our tours allow the user to view your showroom in a natural and realistic way, zooming in to rooms they wish to explore. This gives them a realistic and intuitive virtual experience.
  • Excellent value –This is a time for low risk investments. Innovative use of AI technology allows an efficient and cost-effective 3D tour creation. We pass this saving on to our customers, allowing us to offer tours from a fixed fee of as little as £250.

You can integrate your finished virtual tour with manufacturer details, or whatever information you want to present to your customers. Easily identifiable information points allow you to insert videos, links or advertising copy. It’s a seamless, intuitive experience, meaning you can finally open your showroom doors.

Investing in a virtual tour will pay dividends well after we’ve all been able to ditch the masks and social distancing. Customers are happy to travel far and wide for their dream car, but busy and in-demand people need to be seriously interested before they put in that time and energy. With our virtual tours, they only need to grab their tablets or notebooks to get a meaningful sense of what they could be driving – all vastly expanding your potential client base. Make sure you’re reaching the widest possible group of potential customers and grabbing (and holding) their attention with an attractive, well-presented virtual tour of your showroom.