Got a gem of a holiday space?

Let your guests back in with our affordable, fully immersive virtual walkthroughs

Who hasn’t spent much of lockdown dreaming of their next trip, scrolling through those accommodation portals? Now finally, it looks like we’re on for April! It’s time to ensure your space has the edge in this competitive climate, showing it off in all its glory. Whether you’ve got a sweet cottage, glamping pods under the stars, a charming caravan or a barge on a gorgeous stretch of water – after that long winter, your guests are dying to find their perfect holiday spot. With our virtual tours, they can see inside and outside, picturing themselves enjoying a barbecue after a much-needed day of fun and exploration, or relaxing fireside.

“The photos don’t do it justice”
– it’s a common line in reviews on holiday booking websites. If they did, the accommodation owners would have a fuller booking calendar and be able to command a higher rate. The answer is to move beyond photos and really lift your property off the page. Virtual tours are a huge step up even from professional shots. By allowing your potential guests to really put themselves in your space, enjoying the holiday they’ve dreamt about for so long, you lift your property right off the page, and they’re more likely to feel great about completing their booking. Your guests might have very specific requirements, such as proximity to particular attractions, or sleeping arrangements for a group of people. It’s the closest you can get to actually walking through the property, and it even works with VR headsets.
Once your floor plan and 3D tour have been prepared, there are no further costs for each potential customer – it’s a one-time investment. To maximise this, you need a service that is:

  • Immersive – You might be familiar with 360-degree tours, which are basically a series of high-quality flat images combined together to give an idea of a multiroom space. A 3D tour is a much more all-encompassing, “walkthrough” experience allowing the user to explore a photorealistic environment.
  • User-friendly – Our “Dollhouse” view allows the user to view property layouts in a natural and realistic way, zooming in to rooms they wish to explore. This gives them a realistic and intuitive virtual experience. Our 3D tours can also be taken using customer’s VR equipment for the ultimate virtual tour
  • Excellent value for money – Innovative use of AI technology allows an efficient and cost-effective 3D tour creation. We pass this saving on to our customers, allowing us to offer tours from a fixed fee of as little as £99.

You can integrate your finished virtual tour with whichever booking interface you use, and even with local attractions’ web presence. It’s a seamless, intuitive experience, and your guests are just a click away from booking your space.
Make sure you’re reaching the widest possible group of potential customers and grabbing (and holding) their attention with an attractive, well-presented virtual tour of your property.