Inspire Prospective Students

It’s a key time in the university admissions timetable, but campus visits aren’t happening this year. Meanwhile, students are more discerning than ever and want to know exactly what the next phase of their lives will look like. How can you make sure prospective students appreciate all your campus has to offer? Our virtual tours allow you to showcase your facilities, offering applicants the next best thing to being there. The confidence this gives students, and their families might just be what pushes them into choosing your institution.
Our tours are genuinely immersive, meaning that the user moves from one room to the next, looking around points of interest and coming up close to the details that interest them most. For students, their place of study is not just where they learn, but also the hub of that all-important social life. We know that a huge amount of thought goes into the design of these spaces. Offering potential residents a virtual tour means that they can get an exciting and enticing glimpse of how their lives will look amongst break-out group study spaces, social areas and lecture theatres with innovative use of space. Virtual tours even allow you to go above and beyond what a simple walkthrough would provide. Clickable links and pop-up information at strategic locations on the tour can be used to present information and integrate content from other locations, such as the University website. If your tech-savvy potential residents have access to a VR headset, that takes the immersive factor up a notch further.
Once your floor plan and 3D tour have been prepared, there are no further costs for each potential customer – it’s a one-time investment.

To maximise this, you need a service that is:

  • Immersive – You might be familiar with 360-degree tours, which are basically a series of high-quality flat images combined to give an idea of a multiroom space. A 3D tour is a much more all-encompassing, “walkthrough” experience allowing the user to explore a photorealistic environment.
  • User-friendly – Our “Dollhouse” view allows the user to view campus layouts naturally and realistically, zooming in to rooms they wish to explore. This gives them a realistic and intuitive virtual experience. Our 3D tours can also be taken using the customer’s VR equipment for the ultimate virtual tour.
  • Excellent value for money – Innovative use of AI technology allows an efficient and cost-effective 3D tour creation. We pass this saving on to our customers, allowing us to offer tours for a fixed fee of as little as £550.

For the moment, you just want to make sure you can allow students to explore campus despite lockdown – but investing in our virtual tours will pay dividends well after the current restrictions are a distant memory. Students often lack the funds for travel, but they’re keenly focused on their future, with a clear idea of the student experience they want. They will really value the opportunity for an intuitive and appealing stroll through their future campus from the comfort of their sofas – and so will their parents. Your institution will have a decisive edge thanks to our innovative walkthrough experience.

Make sure you’re reaching the widest possible group of potential students and grabbing (and holding) their attention with an attractive, well-presented virtual tour of your space. Our knowledge and experience is centred on the Midlands, so you’re dealing with a well established local firm rather than a faceless global player. To get an idea of what we can do for you, take a tour