Carbon Neutral Policy

Glimpse was founded by friends, who want to make a difference, and we want our business growth to have zero impact on the planet.

Whenever possible, we will take affirmative action to reduce our business and personal carbon footprint. And while just at the beginning of our journey, we will take into account the things we buy and the services we are consuming to become ‘carbon neutral’. The Committee on Climate Change estimates that the average person annual consumption footprint (this takes into account things we buy or services we use) is 13 tonnes of CO2 per year. We have included this in our footprint analysis and calculations.

Glimpse will strive to become a carbon-neutral business and to reach our goals will conduct our day to day business activities with these simple principles:

  • Every Glimpse team member will have a positive climate outlook
    Glimpse will empower its teams to work remotely.
  • Glimpse will use video conferencing platform to host client / internal meeting whenever possible
  • Glimpse staff will use public transport as our default mode of travel and encourage clients and suppliers to do the same.
  • The senior Glimpse team will only take flights for business if entirely essential, and we are unable to reach the destination by rail or other means.
  • We will look at our personal lifestyle choices and consumption footprint and offset against verified carbon offset project to reduce our overall impact.
  • We will begin planting 5 trees each month in the West Midlands that will begin to completely offset our teams footprint each year.  

May 2020 Carbon offset certificate

June 2020 Carbon offset certificate

July 2020 Carbon offset certificate